Castle Clash Base Building Advice

Castle Clash is a game of patience, and if you are like me, you are an impatient player! You need to use math to your advantage.

Five Builders ASAP!

You must get 5 builders as quickly as possible. There is no exception to this rule. If you have been playing this game for more than 3 months without getting a 5th builder, you are mathematically shooting yourself in the foot.

If you play this game for 2+ years, your might could be as low as 30K or as high as 100k+. Perhaps the biggest reason to be stuck closer to 30K might is because you've been playing with fewer than 5 builders.

5 builders will build your base 25% faster than 4 builders. This is basic math. Imagine Player A has 4 builders and Player B has 5 builders. If will take player A 10 months to build the equivalent of what Player B builds in 8 months. Now imagine 2 years of playing (24 months). It would take Player A 30 months to build what Player B can build in 24 months.

There is a ripple effect between the results for Player B and Player A. Player B will gain might faster than Player A. Player B will get more walls quicker than Player A, allowing for better HBM designs. Player B will get a 6th hero base faster than Player A. Higher HBM has a dramatic effect on might because you can level your heroes faster, leading to even higher HBM levels and more might. At higher might, you get more free gems, shards, and HB per day. At 80K might, you get 100 extra gems per day, but at low might, you might get around 20 gems. After 2 years, Player B will be dramatically farther ahead compared to Player A.

Nothing is more important than 5 builders! If you don't have 5 builders, correct this problem ASAP!

Priority Building Tasks

Everything is affected by your gold and mana capacity. At all times, you should be focusing most of your builders (3-5) on the following:
  1. Town Hall
  2. Gold Vaults
  3. Mana Vaults
The bottom line is, you should be constantly trying to get to the next town hall level. The only way to get there is to build up your gold and mana vaults. If you have enough gold to upgrade the town hall, then you must upgrade the town hall as your top priority. If you don't have the gold capacity to upgrade your town hall, then your top priority is to upgrade your gold vaults to get to the next town hall level. Sometimes you have to upgrade mana vaults to help you have the capacity to upgrade your gold vaults.

Why this Matters

Your long term goal is to achieve a 5 million gold capacity. This allows you to evolve heroes. Even if you follow my guidance faithfully, it will likely take no less than 15 months of your time to achieve this gold capacity. This is what separates strong players from everybody else. If you want to be great, focus on gold capacity like your life depends on it.

Medium Priority Tasks

The following are also very important:

Low Priority Tasks

6th Hero Base Tips

Simply follow my priority list and you will achieve the 6th hero base in the shortest possible amount of time. Don't attempt to significantly upgrade your lower priority buildings until you've achieved level 16 gold vaults and mana vaults.