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Castle Clash: Empower

As of December 2017, empower is a new talent, and it has amazing potential. The goal of this page is to teach you the significance of this talent. This page may run the risk of giving you a math headache, so if you don't like math, you've been warned!

Understanding Energy

In order to appreciate Empower, you first must 100% understand the role energy plays in getting a hero to proc. Each time you attack something, you gain 15 energy. Each time a hero hits you, you also gain 15 energy. If you attack when you have 100 energy, you proc unless your last cooldown hasn't expired. For the purpose of this analysis, I will ignore situations where enemy heroes are hitting you to simplify the math. Just know that when you are being attacked, you proc sooner, and just leave it at that.

Another thing to understand is that when you proc, you will have 0 energy next. So if you have 100 energy and then attack something, instead of having 15 energy after that attack, you will have 0 energy. Furthermore, if your hero is of the autoproc variety (such as Michael, Anubis, DD, etc), once you have 100 energy, you proc immediately even if you don't attack something.

So for most heroes, it takes 7 hits to reach 100 energy, then an 8th hit to cause the proc to happen. So if your hero does not have a cooldown, that's always 1 proc per 8 hits. So at the max speed of 200ms per attack, you can do 8 hits in 1.6 seconds, meaning you can proc once per 1.6 seconds. That's the normal case for PD at max speeds, for example. So at max speed, you can manage 5 procs in 8 seconds, and since each proc lasts 8 seconds, that means a max speed PD can sustain 5 PD stacks.

Now that you (hopefully) understand how energy works, lets get into the details of Empower!

Talent Levels of Empower

Talent levels are as follows:
  1. Passively gain 5 energy per second
  2. Passively gain 7 energy per second
  3. Passively gain 9 energy per second
  4. Passively gain 12 energy per second
  5. Passively gain 15 energy per second
  6. Passively gain 18 energy per second
  7. Passively gain 22 energy per second
  8. Passively gain 33 energy per second
This benefit applies both on offense and defense. Even if your hero is standing idle, you gain energy every second. It's kind of like having a personal Valentina proc that never goes away.

Applications for no cooldown heroes

The ultimate hero that is worth 8/8 empower is unquestionably PD. Even if you own 8/8 berserk, I advise you to dump it the moment you roll 5/8 empower. I know that's a bold statement, but I will demonstrate with math why I feel so strongly about this.

First, imagine ideal conditions where your pd gets to attack constantly without walking around to find new targets. This is the condition that in theory, favors berserk the most heavily. Let's also assume blitz scroll, which gives you what I used to call the ultimate PD, which is a PD that can achieve the 200ms breakpoint on the second stack, or even the first stack when Aries Frenzy is active. Now look at the math...

8/8 Berserk PD at 10/10 skill and blitz scroll 8/8 Berserk PD at 10/10 skill and blitz scroll and Aries Frenzy 8/8 Empower PD at 10/10 skill and blitz scroll 8/8 Empower PD at 10/10 skill and blitz scroll and Aries Frenzy
0.0: 0 energy (600ms breakpoint)
0.6: 15 energy
1.2: 30 energy
1.8: 45 energy
2.4: 60 energy
3.0: 75 energy
3.6: 90 energy
4.2: 100 energy
4.8: 0 energy (proc, now at 400ms breakpoint)
5.2: 15 energy
5.6: 30 energy
6.0: 45 energy
6.4: 60 energy
6.8: 75 energy
7.2: 90 energy
7.6: 100 energy
8.0: 0 energy (proc, now at 200ms breakpoint)
9.4: 100 energy
9.6: 0 energy (proc, now at 200ms breakpoint)
11.0: 100 energy
11.2: 0 energy (proc)
12.6: 100 energy
12.8: 0 energy (proc, but first proc has expired, so you still have 4 active stacks)
14.6: proc (5 active stacks)
16.2: proc (5 active stacks)
At 14.6 seconds, we achieve the max result of 5 active stacks
0.0: 0 energy (400ms breakpoint)
2.8: 100 energy (7 hits)
3.2: proc, 200ms breakpoint
4.8: proc
6.4: proc
8.0: proc
9.6: proc (5 active stacks)
11.2: proc (5 active stacks)
At 9.6 seconds, we've achieved the max result of 5 active stacks
0.0: 0 energy (800ms breakpoint)
0.8: 15 energy (hit)
1.0: 48 energy (empower)
1.6: 63 energy (hit)
2.0: 96 energy (empower)
2.4: 100 energy (hit)
3.0: 100 energy still (empower)
3.2: 0 energy (1st proc on hit, now at 600ms speed)
3.6: 15 energy
4.0: 48 energy (empower)
4.2: 63 energy (hit)
4.8: 78 energy (hit)
5.0: 100 energy (empower)
5.4: 0 energy (2nd proc, now at 400ms speed)
5.8: 15
6.0: 48
6.4: 63
6.8: 78
7.0: 100
7.2: 0 energy (3rd proc, still at 400ms speed)
7.6: 15
8.0: 64 (hit and empower)
8.4: 79
8.8: 94
9.0: 100 (empower)
9.2: 0 energy (4th proc, now at 200ms speed)
10.0: 93 energy (4 hits + empower)
10.2: 100 energy
10.4: 5th proc (5 active procs)
11.0: 78 energy (3 hits + empower)
11.2: 93 energy (4 active procs)
11.4: 100 energy
11.6: 6th proc (5 active procs)
12.0: 63 energy (2 hits + empower)
12.8: 7th proc (6 active procs)
13.0: 48 energy
13.4: 78 energy (5 active procs)
14.0: 8th proc (6 active procs)
15.0: 9th proc (7 active procs)
15.2: 6 active procs
16.0: 7 active procs
17.0: 8 active procs
17.2: 7 active procs
18.0: 8 active procs
18.4: 7 active procs
19.0: 8 active procs
19.6: 7 active procs
20.0: 8 active procs
20.8: 7 active procs
21.0: 8 active procs
22.0: 8 active procs (1 gained, 1 expired)
So at 22 seconds, we indefinitely sustain 8 PD stacks!
0.0: 0 energy (600ms breakpoint)
0.6: 15 energy
1.0: 48 energy
1.2: 64 energy
1.8: 79 energy
2.0: 100 energy
2.4: proc (400ms breakpoint)
2.8: 15
3.0: 48
3.2: 63
3.6: 78
4.0: proc (400ms)
4.8: 30
5.0: 63
5.8: 93
6.0: 100
6.2: proc (200ms)
7.4: 4th proc
8.6: 5th proc
9.8: 6th proc
We beat 8/8 berserk to the 5th proc by 0.8 seconds, then we get a 6th active stack soon after. Eventually we theoretically reach 8 stacks.
The point of the table above is to prove that even in ideal conditions, 8/8 zerk PD accumulates stacks slower than 8/8 empower PD! In less than ideal conditions, 8/8 empower PD will completely smoke 8/8 zerk PD because when you are moving around to find the next target to hit, 8/8 empower PD will continue to gain meaningful energy while 8/8 zerk PD gains none. Furthermore, against a boss like archdemon, 8/8 empower PD will legitimately sustain 8 PD stacks, which means a 33.3x damage multiplier compared to 5 active stacks, which is only an 8.94x damage multiplier. Your archdemon score would absolutely skyrocket if you had an 8/8 empower PD!

Furthermore, the table above does not take into account other factors, such as using Michael or Val or the Unbridled Fury skill. These factors will get your 8/8 Empower PD to hit the 200ms breakpoint even sooner, skewing the math further in favor of Empower PD. You could realistically get to the 6th active stack much sooner than my table shows. In fact, with Michael's help, you can reach the 200ms breakpoint on the first proc (2.4 second mark). Add some revite crests and actually that first proc occurs much sooner. It could look like this:

8/8 Empower 10/10 PD with blitz scroll, Aries Frenzy, and 10/10 Michael with 4vite crests
0.0: 80 energy
0.6: 95 energy
1.0: 100 energy
1.2: PD procs
1.8: Michael procs (PD now hits 200ms)
3.0: PD proc
4.2: PD proc
5.4: PD proc
6.6: PD proc
7.8: PD proc
Now we are really talking! With Michael's help, now you can achieve an unreal number of active PD procs within a realistic window of Guardian Angel, meaning that you will do more damage in insane 7 than ever before. And to think, you would proc even faster with a 5vite Val or Cupid. With all of these never-seen-before stack levels, Anubis will likely take out every hero on the map on his second proc. In fact, it might not even be necessary to take Anubis to 11/11 or 12/12 to 3-flame every dungeon in insane 7!

Extrapolating, even if you don't own Anubis, imagine 8/8 empower on other non-cooldown heroes, like TG, Reaper, and SM. At max speeds, you would proc at least once per 1.2 seconds, even faster when Val is used. And with the massive damage multiplier provided by PD, you might be shocked how quickly even Reaper could theoretically clear all of the heroes off the map.

Defensive Applications

Empower is going to change defense in a very disappointing way because Guild Wars is going to become even more difficult than it already is. Any hero whose autoproc can damage heroes is a candidate for Empower, and you won't even need 8/8 to be a major nuisance. For example, Walla Walla today is often given stoneskin or flame guard, but what if you gave him a high level empower instead? Now, Walla behaves like a pet that keeps healing his team while hitting the attackers HARD. It's hard enough already to beat Walla, and now empower makes him extra OP and makes his base even harder to snipe. Warlock doesn't have a lot of hitpoints, so you might not see him on defense, but if you did see him on defense with empower, watch out. An 11/11 warlock will hit 4 targets with excessive force. Combine that with an empower walla and you are in trouble. On top of that, a top warlock bestows deflect on a bunch of allies, so he's quite dangerous. An old favorite hero is DD. Give him empower and he'll proc more often too, stunning you more often than before.

Applied to an HBM context, lots of Empower reduces your dependence on Val, bringing your team closer to 5vite at all times between waves. Applied to Infernal Summit II, idle teams could actively contribute a lot of damage with empower.

What to do with low level empower

What I'm about to suggest will be most appealing if you suck at rolling 5vite and do not own 5vite crest sets (like me). Consider what it takes today for 4vite Cupid (or any other 4vite hero) to proc:
0.0: 80 energy
1.2: 95 energy (first hit)
2.4: 100 energy (second hit)
3.6: proc

You can't proc until the third hit! Meanwhile, 5vite Cupid procs at the 1.2 second mark, a full 2.4 seconds earlier than a 4vite Cupid. This explains why 5vite Cupid (or Val) is so desirable in dungeons. Considering the short time span of Guardian Angel, trying to get Cupid to proc earlier is important. Using berserk and/or Aries Frenzy reduces the time delay, of course, but the bottom line is, it takes 3 hits to proc when you have 4vite. Now imagine what happens if you roll 2/8 empower and give it to your 4vite Cupid, then give a precious 4vite crest set to your Cupid to compensate:
0.0: 80 energy
1.0: 86 energy
1.2: 100 energy (first hit)
2.4: proc
This slight adjustment saved us a hit, and it only required 2/8 empower!

Now imagine a realistic dungeon scenario where Aries Frenzy is active. Cupid will attack at 800ms, so your timeline looks like this: 0.0: 80 energy
0.8: 95 energy
1.0: 100 energy (empower)
1.6: proc

A 5vite Cupid procs at 0.8 seconds, but a 2/8 empower Cupid with 4vite crests can now proc at the 1.6 second mark! I have complained for a long time that I cannot roll 5vite to save my life, but now I know that if I merely roll 2/8 empower, I can achieve something that approaches the quality of 5vite.

Autoproc estimates for empower

Whereas 2/8 and 3/8 empower are strong candidates to help you out when you are using a 4vite crest set, 4/8 empower and beyond can be taken seriously for defensive purposes. Assuming you stick it on an autoproc hero on defense, consider this table:
Empower levelSeconds until autoproc
The chart above shows worst case proc times. If your hero gets attacked, then the autoproc will occur sooner due to the 15 energy you gain each time you are attacked.

Based on the cooldown period of your hero, you can use the chart above to decide what level of empower is required to maximize your benefit. For example, Warlock has a long cooldown period, so it looks wasteful to give him 6/8 empower and beyond. Walla walla, however, has a 4 second cooldown, so 8/8 empower would work well on him (perhaps too well), making him ridiculously powerful on defense.

If you are lucky enough to own gunslinger (I hate you), you should also consider empower. Her proc has a 3 second cooldown, but she only autoprocs once every 4 seconds due to her inherent 25 energy gained per second. If you could raise her energy gain to 34 energy gained per second, she could proc once every 3 seconds. Therefore, 3/8 empower should be enough to make her even more painful on defense than she already is. I've seen this in action, so if you've purchased a level 3 empower crest set, definitely put it on her!