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Castle Clash: Assigning Hero Talents

Whereas most guides focus on the dream talents for each hero, my goal is to take a more practical approach that will hopefully benefit the large majority of players that cannot afford to buy dream talents for all of their heroes.

Situation: You just rolled a good or great talent. Who do you give it to and why?

For each talent, I have listed heroes in my order of preference. You don't have to agree with my order, as it is only one opinion. But if you follow my advice, I'm very confident that you will do well. Please be well aware that as an f2p player, I lack quite a few heroes, and therefore do not have exhaustive advice that spans all of the great heroes. If you feel strongly about assigning a talent for a particular hero that I have not listed, please suggest it on Line Chat and I can modify this document.

2/8 BerserkAny 1000ms hero with no cooldownOn its own, 2/8 Berserk has no effect, but when you factor in high level celebrate, 2/8 berserk can make a positive difference. Advanced players are likely to use berserk crests to get this effect, especially on PD or Thunder God (for insane dungeons)
3/8 BerserkAny 1200ms hero3/8 Berserk takes a 1200ms hero to the 1000ms breakpoint.
4/8 BerserkAny 1000ms hero4/8 Berserk takes a 1000ms hero to the 800ms breakpoint.
5/8 Berserk Pumpkin DukeYour real goal here is 7/8 Berserk minimum. At 8/8 Berserk, 9/10 Celebrate, with level 5 Ares Frenzy spell, you can get PD to the 200ms breakpoint in only one stack. At 8/8 Berserk, 10/10 Celebrate, using no spells at all, PD can get to the 200ms breakpoint in only 2 stacks.
DruidDid you know that 2 druid stacks provides the same type of attack damage buff as a high level Cupid? In an insane dungeon context, you might be very surprised by Druid's effectiveness. Also, berserk Druid heals more often. That's kind of a big deal in some modes, especially if you don't have ghoulem.
Phantom KingFor PvP players, this has potential.
5/8 Wargod MinotaurThe ultimate talent for minotaur. You can literally 3 flame every insane dungeon in existence if you have this talent. As f2p, I will never enjoy this myself, but I certainly wish I could have it!
Lil NickWith full confidence, I believe 5/8 wargod is the dream talent for Lil nick. Want to farm L17 and possibly even farm L18? Lil Nick would be your centerpiece for that strategy. An unknown at the moment is whether wargod Lil Nick can make it possible for f2p players to clear insane 6-10.
VladThe ultimate HBM hero, you will want minimum 7/8 wargod to clear HBM AA and beyond
ReaperSniping can be a big part of your Guild Wars strategy. Reaper does not have a cooldown and therefore can do amazing snipe damage, especially when paired with Valentina. Reaper is also the ultimate f2p dungeon hero when 3 flames are necessary. I used Reaper specifically to beat insane 2-1, 4-10, and 5-10. Granted, my Reaper actually has 8/8 Bulwark, but I know with confidence that 8/8 Wargod would be better, particularly when it comes to sniping high level bases in Guild Wars. I should also add that it does not cost much to devo Reaper due his relatively low shard cost.
Santa BoomMainly for insane dungeons, wargod can be huge on Santa. The same could be said of Medusa, but she has other uses, so you would likely prefer other talents for her. Wargod Santa can also be useful in PvP modes. For the record, I cleared insane 5-10 with only 4/8 wargod Santa.
Dread DrakeSome players might prefer 5/8 bulwark for Dread Drake. I can't afford to be picky, so I would be happy with either for DD. Want to farm L17? Wargod DD would likely make it possible.
3/8, 4/8 Wargod Thunder GodFor exclusive use in insane dungeons (especially insane dungeon 5), I highly recommend wargod TG with level 2 berserk crests. You don't need to blow a 5/8 wargod on him, but an intermediate wargod is very useful.
Santa BoomAs much as I would've preferred 5/8 wargod, I cleared insane 4-10 and 5-10 with only a 4/8 wargod Santa Boom, so I can state clearly that 5/8 wargod is not essential, but certainly desired
Warlock, Dread DrakeGood for sniping. I'm sure other possibilities exist.
3/5, 4/5 Revite ValentinaYes, I know 5/5 revite Valentina is best, but 5/5 revite is best for TONS of heroes. I would love 4/5 revite for Valentina, but my 3/5 revite turns out to work well enough. The slight advantage of a 3/5 or 4/5 revite Valentina is that Valentina will definitely proc after an opponent's Aries procs. Also, in a team dungeon, a single 5vite Cupid will turn any 3/5 revite hero into almost 5vite, so in practice, 3/5 revite is enough for most team dungeons.
AriesOnce again, 5/5 revite Aries is the dream, but in practice, my 4/5 revite Aries isn't half bad.
CupidYes, 5/5 revite Cupid is best, but we can't be picky sometimes. 4/5 works pretty well on Cupid
5/5 Revite CupidMost people would pick Aries first for 5vite, but 5vite Aries has limited scope. If you want to do better in dungeons and be more useful in team dungeons (particularly lava 3), your first 5vite should go to Cupid. I don't have time to explain all of the mathematical benefits of this, but just know that 5vite Cupid gives you a massive time advantage because all of your heroes with 3vite or above will proc so amazingly quickly.
AriesThe ultimate PvP player, 5vite Aries is a beast
Pumpkin DukeIf you have 5zerk PD, you don't need to do this. If you don't and you roll 5vite, PD is a great choice. Gives you a tremendous time advantage in dungeons as well as team dungones
Warlock5vite Warlock has amazing PvP tactical advantages. It's like having 3 psyshield crests. That will protect your team from Aries. Also, in special demon boss situations, 5vite Warlock would be the first hero that you drop when applying a permafreeze strategy due to Warlock's huge attack range.
ValentinaI don't rank Valentina higher because a 5vite Cupid would turn your 3vite Valentina into a near 5vite
So many heroes...If you alredy have 5vite for the heroes above, don't tell me, lol! So many more heroes would benefit from 5vite. Consult other guides if you are confused. Popular choices include Medusa, Atlanticore, Arctica, Santa Boom, Trixie Treat, Champion, Ice Demon, etc.
5/8 Scatter MoltanicaI don't own Moltanica, but for HBM purposes, this is the dream. Want to beat HBM AA through AE and perhaps beyond? Scatter on Moltanica!
DruidDruid is surprisingly effective in HBM AA and beyond. I beat all of AA through AE using a mere 4scatter Druid and scatter crests on everybody else. A true scatter Druid is a very smart choice for f2p players that have no hope of landing Moltanica. When using this strategy, you don't use Ghoulem. Druid's attack buff is very significant and his attack speed is very good compared to modern heroes, which means his scatter effect is quite useful. Also, his proc won't add energy, which is why he can be very helpful compared to Ghoulem in high level HBM.
Phantom KingHis high attack speed coupled with his debuff on proc makes PK the ultimate PvP scatter master. Want to beat Here Be Demon easily? Scatter PK is amazing.
HarpyScatter Harpy is a consensus choice, but I don't know the exact reason why. She has really high attack range, which might give her a chance to debuff a 5vite enemy before that enemy can attack you. She might work in HBM AA and beyond, but I really think better options exist, including scatter Druid. An open question I don't know the answer to is this: If you line up a scatter harpy to attack a 5vite Aries in a battle altar battle, would the harpy successfully scatter the Aries? If you know the answer, let me know!
4/8 Scatter DruidIf you want to hold out to put 5/8 scatter on Molt/Harpy/PK and you roll a 4/8 scatter, Druid is a good choice for HBM AA purposes. Considering that I beat AA through AE using a 4scatter Druid and 5 sets of level 3 scatter crests, there is a lot of merit in this choice.
Frost WitchWould be useful for Here Be Demon
5/8 Bulwark ReaperI said earlier that 8/8 Wargod would be preferable for Reaper, but that doesn't mean 8/8 Bulwark isn't a bad option! If you want to clear insane 5-10 as an f2p player or if you want to be a beast of a sniper in Guild Wars, you really need either 8/8 Bulwark Reaper or 8/8 Wargod Reaper. In my opinion, take the first option that presents itself and stick it on Reaper. A side benefit of 8/8 Bulwark on Reaper is his very high durability in Lava 3 due to the extra hitpoints.
Dread Drake8/8 Bulwark Dread Drake is a monster that refuses to die.
GhoulemMakes Ghoulem more Vlad-like in terms of damage. With so many options for 5/8 wargod out there, 5/8 Bulwark on Ghoulem may be a good choice for bulwark if you happen to roll it often so that you can save your 5/8 wargod for other priorities.
So Many Heroes...Lots of choices are possible. If you have concrete suggestions where bulwark should be the endgame talent, please tell me.
4/8 Bulwark Dread DrakeThis is what I have on my DD. I would like better, but in practice, this works OK. Please note that Dread Drake does not work well in insane 5 dungeons because he triggers autoproc enemy heroes to kill you so easily. As a result, you might prefer your 5/8 wargod and 5/8 bulwark on other heroes that are more suitable to insane 5 dungeons.
5/5 Corrode Skull KnightThis is a legitimate endgame talent for Skull Knight. SK finds himself often mobbed by multiple enemy heroes, so corrode has a strong effect.
Revenant?I don't own Revenant, so this is just a wild guess. Truth be told, I can only confidently place 5/5 Corrode on SK. Otherwise, you might end up putting Corrode on a might hero
5/5 Heavens Wrath ValentinaNobody knows what to do with Heavens Wrath. If you don't have a good revite on Valentina yet, this might be useful. You don't want Valentina to be heavily attacked in the first place, but this might buy you some time.
VladVlad might get mobbed, so Heavens Wrath provides pretty good protection. You will replace it when 5/8 wargod arrives, however.
Dread DrakeSince DD is a tank, Heavens Wrath is not unreasonable
Skull KnightYes, Heavens Wrath would actually work quite well on Skull Knight, but so would a ton of other skills. Therefore, don't prioritize Heavens Wrath on Skull Knight becase you will replace it once a better option arrives
5/8 Deadly Strike Skull KnightThis is a legitimate endgame talent for SK. It is ideal for Guild Wars because you get infinite tries and only need SK to get lucky with DS a few times to win.
Phantom KingGreat for PvP due to PK's fast attack speed
5/8 Heavy Blow Beast TamerBT's pet already has 8/8 heavy blow, so this doubles down on that approach
Phantom KingNot a great choice, but serviceable until you roll a better talent for PK.
5/8 Slowdown Ice DemonSometimes you need a slowdown strategy that uses ice demon. Sometimes this skill helps, even with HBM O!
Harpy QueenIf you use Harpy Queen in a permaslow strategy, this wouldn't hurt, even though what you really want is scatter on her
5/8 Scorch GhoulemThis is far better than you might imagine. Tower fire triggers scorch, and Ghoulem is the first hero you will drop in expert and insane dungeons. Once scorch activates, you are invincible for 1 second, and scorch carries only a 2 second cooldown, so it triggers frequently. Since dungeons have so many towers, even 5/8 scorch will trigger more often than you might imagine. For the longest time, I had 7/8 scorch on Ghoulem, and he ate insane dungeon tower fire as if it didn't even exist. Trust me when I say I wasn't excited to roll 5/8 scorch on a level 5 talent chest, but I made the best out of a bad situation, and my 7/8 scorch Ghoulem helped me all the way through insane 5-10, so it works! Update: In Jan 2017, I finally rolled 5/8 stoneskin and stuck it on my Ghoulem.
Death Knight?One of our frieneds has 7/8 scorch on death knight and he says it rocks. I trust that he's right
5/8 stoneskin GhoulemThis is better than 5/8 scorch. As far as I know, stoneskin is not negated by Aries' calamity, so your Ghoulem will be extremely snipe resistant with a high level stoneskin, which is great for Guild Wars. Also, tanky Ghoulems are great for one of my favorite Guild Wars attacks. I don't want to give away the strategy to the general public, but my guild knows what I'm talking about!
5/8 Blade ShellMight HeroThis skill is crap...
5/8 Flame GuardBackup Skull KnightWhen Skull Knight procs, he takes far less damage, yet my understanding is that flame guard still carries its full effect. If you put flame guard on DD or Paladin, however, flame guard's damage is reduced by the hero's level of damage reduction. There is a chance that flameguard SK is awesome, but I will probably never find out.
Candy Kane?I don't use her, but I put a failed level 5 talent chest flame guard on her because it might not be terrible on her.
5/8 SprintSuccubusFor Arena use
5/8 ReviveTreantaurIn team dungeons, you need Treantaur to live. Pair this with revite crests.
Pumpkin DukeYes, you want 5zerk or 5vite for PD. But if you can't roll it, 5vive is not bad. In fact, I have 6/8 revive on my PD because I'm just not a lucky talent roller and I've done just fine, pairing this with either zerk crests or revite crests, depending on the situation.
DruidNot a terrible choice. Not endgame either since I'd rather put scatter or zerk on Druid.
5/8 Tenacity???Statistically speaking, stoneskin protects you better than tenacity when you take healing into account. More likely than not, put this on a might hero. Maybe consider putting it on SM, Reaper, or PK for lava purposes, or maybe even AC (yes, 5vite is preferred for AC, but if you need to dump tenacity on somebody, this is not terrible).
5/8 Life DrainDread DrakeSome people love life drain on DD. Not my choice, but that's just me.
????I'm not a big fan of life drain as a main talent. Usually life drain crests are sufficient
3/8, 4/8 life drainReaper / Warlock / Cupid /
Aries / Pixie / TG / DD
Temporarily, this would help with your snipe team until you roll something better.
Self DestructMight HeroNo way you put this on an important hero
Dracax?Suppose your goal is to destroy walls in Guild Wars or even Expert 8-2. If you can afford 8/8 self destruct, perhaps a flying hero that dies while flying over walls might do enough damage? This is an expensive experiment, but not too far-fetched?
1/5 through 5/5 enlightenAny important heroDo not underestimate the mathematical benefit of 1/5 enlighten. If you get 5/5 enlighten, wow! Take your hero to level 200 and evolve to get a ton of books
Any hero with tons of dupes or shard heroIf you just want the books (for the Honor Badges), just pick a hero that you can cheaply evolve
5/5 Condemnation???I don't know where this is best! Maybe a backup SK for special battles, like the archdemon?