Insane Dungeon Strategy

This guide should help you through insane 4-10. I have not made time to really explain what I know about insane 5-10, but I added a small section about it at the end of this document.

Everybody has different heroes and there are tons of videos on youtube to help you with spell choice and hero placement. If you want to save yourself time (and gems), swallow your pride and watch those videos. Regardless of your actual personnel, the videos usually demonstrate an ideal drop location. The only exceptions for me involve the fact that I have a strong Ghoulem. In some cases, I could tank with Ghoulem solo for a bit before deploying my troops and spells, which is something you won't find in the videos.

Know that I'm an f2p player, so I did everything without Minotaur and SM. If you have Minotaur, you can still follow this guide, of course, but I imagine your path to victory will be easier than mine.

If you are looking for good f2p insane videos, I highly recommend this set: If you analyze his heroes, they are nothing special, yet he beat all the insane dungeons through 4-10. He will give you hope. Trust me!

Hero Crest Strategy

First and foremost, you do not need revive. When a hero dies and then revives, he loses all of his buffs. An unbuffed hero is almost useless in insane dungeons. Instead, damage dealers should focus on damage-oriented crests, and buff-oriented heroes should focus on revitalize and berserk.

Vital Buff Heroes

Quite literally, I advise you to use the first 2 heroes in every single insane dungeon. You should also strongly consider bringing along Druid, who turned out to be my difference maker on so many occasions. For all of these heroes, revitalize and/or berserk is recommended.

Recommended Damage Dealers

Depending on the game mode, you might switch these heroes around, or perhaps you don't own some of the heroes I've recommended, so you have to choose others. The first 4 heroes are the ones I use the most often to complement my buffing heroes above. Focus on damage talents, like wargod and bulwark.

The one thing every single hero has in common is the potential to kill enemy heroes without directly engaging them. In insane dungeons, most enemies can one-hit your heroes, even your double evolved heroes. Therefore, damage dealers with no remote damage capability (like SK) don't do you much good.

Other Damage Dealers

Heroes that might be helpful, but I have no idea becase I don't have them or haven't tried them

Recommended Spells

This should be obvious, but for the record, you should always use these 3 spells: Depending on the map, you might additionally choose between these two: If using Meteor, always cast Meteor first to start your battle.

General Attack Technique

Your goal is to maximize the number of pd and Druid stacks. That's by far the most important goal. My goal is to share some subtleties that may improve your technique.

Deploy pd before Cupid

The one thing you want to avoid is Cupid's first proc occurring before pd's first proc. For example, if pd's energy is at 80 and Cupid procs, you've just wasted a bunch of energy. Time your deployment so that Cupid procs shortly after pd's first proc. The timing will be affected by your levels of revitalize.

Delay use of Guardian Angel as late as possible

Quite a few videos feature the casting of Guardian Angel and Aries Frenzy at the same spot to begin a battle, then the heroes are deployed. Sometimes you have to do this (insane 4-10 is a good example), but it is often a mistake. If you use snowstorm correctly or have an awesome tank that can handle tower damage, you can avoid the initial use of Guardian Angel so you can use it later.

Use Snowstorm to make it easy to delay using Guardian Angel

Your first move will usually be to cast Snowstorm such that no enemies can attack you and all nearby magic towers are frozen. You then deploy your heroes and try to build up pd stacks.

If possible, delay use of Aries Frenzy

If you happen to have an awesome tank (I use double evolved Ghoulem), you can lead with snowstorm, deploy your tank, then deploy the rest of your heroes. Wait a few seconds, then cast Aries Frenzy. Why does this help? What we are trying to do is minimize the damage we do initially so that we kill things slower, leading to more efficient PD stacks. If you cast Aries Frenzy right away, you will be doing more damage than you need to start the battle. Snowstorm lasts 15 seconds. You can afford to delay Aries Frenzy for a little bit. Ideally, pd will get 1, possibly even two stacks going before you cast Aries Frenzy. This buys you just enough time to possibly get that extra PD and Druid stack that enables you to beat the level.

Cast Guardian Angel after you break through the snowstorm

The time limit for Guardian Angel for each hero begins when the hero gets exposed to it. If you know your heroes are going to run a certain direction, rather than cast Guardian Angel right on top of your heroes, you can place it where the heroes are headed. This might buy you an extra second of invincibility that you might not have gotten otherwise, and eliminates the difficulty of timing Guardian Angel perfectly.

As a desperate measure, tank with pd using Guardian Angel

This technique is recommended for insane 4-10, and can be used in a fair number of other levels. Tanking with pd is beneficial because he gains energy when other heroes hit him. If you can get 2-3 enemy heroes hitting pd, you can get 1 extra pd stack pretty easily.

Kill a tower or two with Ghoulem before casting any spells

On some levels, you can literally solo with Ghoulem for a while to kill some towers. Well, at least I could because my Ghoulem was double evolved. This technique makes a significant difference. Insane 4-7 is a good example where Ghoulem can destroy a magic tower by himself before attracting any attention from enemy heroes.

What is worth 3-flaming?

How I beat 4-10 (and most of dungeons 2-1 through 4-10)

How I 3-flamed 2-1

I did this many months after I 3-flamed 4-10. I finally did it because I rolled Warlock and leveled him up to about level 195 (not evolved). My team was ridiculously strong at this point, as follows: I dropped in the southmost corner (every video does this) and did not use copters. The order of steps were as follows:
  1. Cast snowstorm in the south corner. Should cover two magic towers and as well as minotaur.
  2. Drop Ghoulem first, followed by everybody else.
  3. Wait for a while, then cast Aries Frenzy.
  4. Cast Guardian Angel, placing it not on top of my heroes, but where they were headed.
  5. Finally cast Aries Fervor. Didn't want to cast it too early because I wanted to rack up pd buffs.
I beat it so easily it was kind of surprising. Warlock truly made all the difference. I bet with a weaker team, I could've won if I had rolled Warlock earlier. I only lost one hero (DD), and he was killed by the last standing enemy hero. In other words, I almost won with no loss. Obviously you should use minotaur if you have him, but I've proven that Warlock is enough. I have a feeling I will need Warlock to beat insane 5.

Insane Dungeon 5

Conceptually, the key to insane 5 is to understand that there are lots of autoproc enemy heroes on defense, which changes your offense. The biggest change is that DD causes autoproc enemies to respond, so I actually avoided him through all of insane 5.

Heroes I used to beat insane 5 included the following:

Noticeably, I did not use Warlock, Druid, or DD at all.

My standard attack used Ghoulem, PD, Valentina, TG, Santa, and Cupid. The combo of Val / PD / TG leads to lots of TG procs, which is the key to beating quite a few dungeons. TG hits hard without causing too many autoproc heroes to respond. That's why he is so useful.

Advice for the levels where you need to tank SK