Lava2 Strategy


This link echoes my thoughts almost exactly.. Please take it seriously and abandon the original position that faces the revite Vlad. In my original scheme below, this means positions 1,2,3,8, just like I was advocating. Please follow the guide above, and only refer to the rest of this page for general ideas.

Stuff I wrote originally

Lava2 is hard, even for our best players. This is my attempt to provide some suggestions. I am no expert by any means, and being f2p, my choices are a bit limited. That being said, I am occasionally successful, so hopefully my suggestions will help!

Lava 2 is like Insane Dungeons

For a moment, consider the challenges of insane dungeons. The heroes hit super hard. They often one-hit our evolved heroes. How do you win? Using Aries Frenzy, pd, and Cupid, you must magnify your damage multiplier. You also must get pd to proc no less than 3 times. With Aries Frenzy acting as the 4th proc, that gets you to the 200ms breakpoint, allowing you to beat the insane dungeon because of your very fast heroes and massive damage multiplier. If you think about it, you start out by destroying almost nothing, but once multiple pd procs occur, you quickly start destroying the base. The best way to buy time to achieve 3 pd procs is to use Guardian Angel and snowstorm. Spells are great, but we don't have them in lava2, but can we apply the same theory?

I believe we can beat lava2 using similar techniques. The strategy goes like this:

  1. Survive for at least 5 seconds (hardest part)
  2. Develop massive damage and attack speed multipliers
  3. Cruise through the base
  4. Defeat the center bosses and demon with the help of smart debuffs

High Level Theory Explained

Survive for at least 5 seconds

First of all, bear in mind that we are going to have a massive damage multiplier. You do not need fancy damage-oriented crests. Wargod crests are simply not necessary. What you do need is revive, lots of it. For every hero that you can give revive, do it! Even your best heroes are likely to be killed at least once. Your artifacts should reflect the same strategy. Put blitz scroll on a hero to avoid stuns. Put dodge on 2 heroes to avoid being one-hit. Put victor's emblem on the other 2 heroes. If you don't have blitz, use more victor's emblem. Victor's emblem can cumulatively create a massive debuff. It's more important than you might realize. You will use heroes that increase your survival rate mainly through defensive buffs. If you can achieve a 40% group damage reduction from 2 separate sources, that results in an overall 64% damage reduction. Add victor's emblem and your damage reduction is even more. Get this right and you will survive.

If most of your heroes are still alive after 5 seconds, congratulations. The next phase of the battle can commence, and I'm pretty sure we're going to win.

Develop massive damage and attack speed multipliers

Every team, hopefully with no exceptions, should have pd and Cupid, with your best revite on Cupid. Ideally, at least 1 Cupid should have 5/5 revite. Revite on pd, although useful, is not critical, due to having 4 Cupids. In the first 2 seconds, I expect at least 1 Cupid to proc. By the 3rd second, likely the rest of the Cupids will proc. Immediately afterward, every single hero, including every pd will proc. Some 5/5 revite pds might even proc twice in this interval.

Assuming an average attack damage multiplier of 45% for each pd and cupid, that's an attack damage multiplier of (1.45)8 = 19.54x damage. Realistically, some pds are going to proc twice within this period, and I also know most of us have 9/10 celebrate, so the attack damage multiplier is going to be greater than 20. As you can see, the attack buff from wargod crests is insignificant compared to the buff created by 4 Cupids and pds working together. To put this in perspective, if 8/10 Ghoulem procs, producing a 5x multiplier on damage and you add the pd/Cupid buffs, that's a 100x multiplier. If you have Ghoulem, you do not need Vlad (or even Minotaur) to clear the base.

Cruise Through the Base

With the massive damage multiplier in place and your heroes still alive, as long as you are not stunned, you will defeat the base quickly. Ghoulem is the ideal mass damage hero because he is immune to stun, which means you will have predictable results.

Defeat the bosses and demon with smart debuffs

Victor's emblem plays a big role here. It replaces the need for conventional debuffers. With approximately 10 heroes equipped with victor's emblem, I'm going to expect at least 5 debuffs active at any time. If we clear the bosses and reduce them down to just the demon, the demon will only do (0.8)5 = 32.7% of his normal damage when debuffed by 5 active victor's emblems.

In addition, ghoulem's damage reduction is equivalent to further debuffing of the bosses' damage. If all of us use Ghoulem, the cumulative damage reduction we achieve is ridiculous. The demon will end up hitting us as ineffectively as Marauder! Add in a Santa to reduce demon's attack speed, and we might have just added a useful, but possibly unnecessary, extra debuff.

Hero Recommendations

1. Pumpkin Duke

9/10 celebrate is highly recommended. We can get by on 8/10 celebrate, but the perfect proc is 4 pds with 9/10 celebrate, which instantly makes all 1000ms heroes hit the 200ms breakpoint. Very shortly after, pds will proc again and everybody else (even 1500ms heroes) will hit the 200ms breakpoint. I would hesitate to play lava2 with only 3 pds.

Berserk is not required for this game mode. The critical talent is revive, and if you can also add revite, great. As for artifacts, I suggest blitz scroll, which gives you the best chance to avoid getting stunned. If blitz is not available, then use the dodge artifact.

2. Cupid

I want all 4 players to use Cupid. As discussed earlier, this helps with the massive attack buff. It also helps ensure that everybody's heroes will proc quickly, even if 1 or 2 Cupids get stunned or killed instantly.

For your artifact, I recommend victor's emblem. Cupid is ranged, so dodging is less beneficial since your melee heroes will more likely be targeted.

3. Ghoulem

In a perfect world, all 4 players would use Ghoulem. If you do not have Ghoulem, survival will be difficult. Ghoulem matters because he does everything. He is immune to stuns, bestows a massive (and predictable) damage reduction buff, heals the group like no other, and also has a huge area of effect like Vlad. If you consider the attack damage multiplier that I am expecting, the presence of Ghoulem makes Vlad merely optional. Ghoulem makes the whole team stronger.

Even though my double evolved Ghoulem has 300,000 hitpoints, I still put revive crests on him. Make sure Ghoulem has revive. Use victor's emblem.

4. Treantaur

Conventionally, you think of Treantaur as great because he adds an extra revive. Yes, this is a huge bonus. Possibly equally huge, however, is the defensive buff that he bestows. A high revite Treantaur is a welcome site. I do not know if his defensive buff goes to random heroes or if it goes to nearby heroes. Regardless, he's going to improve the survivability of our team immensely. If you have Treantaur, absolutely use him. Remember that survival in the first 5 seconds is what matters more than anything else, and Treantaur could be the difference maker. In a perfect world, we would have 4 Treantaurs. Unfortunately for me, I do not have Treantaur.

As for talents, you absolutely want revive, but revite is highly desirable. 5/5 revite provides instant damage reduction to help the team. Please give him victor's emblem.

5. Hero of Your Choice

Assuming you have all of the first 4 heroes, this is the only chance for you to be creative in my scheme. In all cases, I recommmend revive and victor's emblem, but you can consider dodge or blitz artifacts as well.

Here are my recommended options:

Layouts and Team Positioning

I hope to have time to update this thoroughly, but for now, I will non-graphically explain the approach. In line chat, there is an image that marks 4 of the starting positions. Starting on the left side, near 9:00 clock position, you have position 1. Going counter-clockwise from there, you have positions 2, 3, and 4. The other position I want us to think about is position 8, which is the base clockwise from position 1 (about 10:30 clock position). Traditionally, past groups attacked only positions 1-4.

Here's my analysis so far:

Position 1

This is quite possibly the easiest position. The weakest player (sometimes me) should go here. I believe this is the easiest position because I am often successful in beating the West base from this position. If I can do it as a 102K might f2p player, this gives hope that my strategy will work for all of our strong players.


Conceptually, position 1 fights northwest regardless of where you place your heroes in the box. I recommend the back 2 rows so you start closer to the player in position 2 and are less likely to immediately attract the looming revite AC.

Try placing melee heroes toward the left side and ranged heroes toward the right. We're really trying to delay confrontation with the revite AC so we can hit it hard later after your damage multipliers are sky high.

Position 2

Your placement here affects whether you attack the west base or the south base.


I have no particular expertise with this position, but in games that we've won with me around, the heroes were placed in the left two columns. As a result, this player mostly helped out with the West base (helping position #1 player). I recommend placing heroes more toward the left than the right for the same reason that I don't want the revite AC to become active too quickly.

Position 3

I think you need to apply the same mentality as in position 1.


Conceptually, you are attacking northwest, so position with that in mind. I suggest the right 2 columns as seen in position 1.

Position 4

On the bright side, you only face 1 hero to start. On the negative side, it's Vlad with 5/5 revite!

Honestly, our very best players often lose here. IF you are open-minded, try not using this spot at all. Instead, take the next spot that is clockwise from position #1 (which I call position #8).

What I don't know, because of lack of experience, is if the player here can actually help the player in position 3. If so, then the best strategy would be to place heroes toward the left side so that only some of your heroes walk to the right toward Vlad. This is purely speculation. I really don't know.

Position 8

I know some of you are skeptical about position 8, but hear me out. If I can clear the west base from position 1 by myself, then position 8 is pretty good because it also attacks the west base. In other words, choosing position 8 instead of position 4 allows our team to fight only 2 bases overall instead of 3.

This spot is hard because you face multiple enemies, but you might find it easier than fighting Vlad in position 4.


Your best tanks should go on the left side. Cupid and PD can go in the middle column. Avoid the right column so you don't accidentally attack the north base.

If we were to ever carry a 4th, weaker player, this might be the golden position. I believe if you have a decent revite AC, it will be possible to buy time by placing AC in the left column. If AC doesn't proc in his first life, hopefully he will proc after he revives. And if he dies again without proc'ing, hopefully he'll proc after Treantaur revives him!

If you have a history of getting creamed immediately in lava2, I want you to really consider this spot using AC. All this being said, if you follow my hero recommendations, I think a strong player at position 8 can clear the west base just as competently as the player in position 1. The very idea that we can fight just the West and South Bases instead of West, South, and East has considerable merit, in my opinion. It is unintuitive because you normally think placing hero groups next to each other is always best. I could be wrong, of course. Perhaps in position 4, a ghoulem proc from position 3 actually manages to help the player in position 4. I don't know.