Lava 3 Hero Leveling Recommendations

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Here are my leveling recommendations for lava 3 players. The intended audience for this page is players that are new to lava 3 or aspire to some day do lava 3. I'm writing this with a bias toward spots 1, 2 and 3. The reason why is because traditionally, spot 3 is the easiest spot to fill and spots 1 and 2 require significantly strong players. Spot 4 is reserved for very strong players that own a devo Grim or Arctica. Since I don't qualify for that spot myself (no Grim for me, sadly), I have less to say about that spot.

Also, so I don't repeat myself, it should go without saying that all heroes must have a minimum of level 80 inscriptions. Your more important heroes realistically should be all 90+.

Getting started? Aim for spot 3

Minimum recommendations:
Possible substitutions (if you do not own Treantaur or your Treantaur sucks):
Another substitution is to add Ghoulem. I know Grey does this, but I don't know which hero he is not using when he does this.

Who uses Tree if the spot 3 player does not have Tree? Honestly, any player in spots 1, 2, or 4 can swing it, but it's easiest if spot 1 or spot 2 does the substitution. This will confuse some players, but my recommendation is that the player in spot 1 removes Aries and inserts Tree. Aries was originally needed to help prevent the demon from proc'ing, but due to all of the pets that can debuff, we can remove the demon's negates damage aura very quickly nowadays. Just use Celestin and and Aviar and all of a sudden, Aries is simply not necessary.

Got a strong SK? Spot 1 could be yours

Minimum recommendations:
Possible substitutions:
* This may be controversial, but I honestly think we should permanently take out Aries and replace with Treantaur. I have seen enough runs with this configuration to conclude that this increases our success rate. Bear in mind, I have a devo 9/10 Aries and I like using him, but despite that, I think we're better off if I use my Tree. To be clear, this is because of the Celestin pet. The original need for Aries no longer exists.

Ready to help make or break lava? Spot 2 is for you!

When I was a rookie, I used to think spot 1 was more important than spot 2. It is true that spot 1 requires a strong player, but whether or not we actually beat lava 3 often depends on if the spot 2 player can hold his own.

Minimum recommendations:

Possible substitutions:

Strong enough to anchor lava? Spot 4 is for you!

Truth be told, if you are strong enough to do spot 4, you don't need my advice! I will only say this:

Final Thoughts

Naturally other possibilities exist, but my recommendations are purely based on what I've observed in the Lava 3 runs where I have participated. At the time of this writing, I have spent a lot of time in all of spots 1, 2, and 3, with success. I'm also not joking about labeling these as minimum recommendations. Lava 3 requires a great team, even for spot 3. Most players in Lava 3 exceed these recommendations by having a bunch of devos.