Castle Clash Might Boosting Advice

Why Boost Might?

At low might levels, you are probably afraid of getting to higher might because you fear raiding will become more difficult and you also fear that other players will raid your base more effectively. If these are your reasons for intentionally not boosting might quickly, all I can say is, you have to get over it. Here are the benefits of higher might: Bottom line: Higher might = more free gems = more gem rolls = better heroes. This is from a f2p playing perspective, so if the gems don't interest you, surely the extra honor badges interest you!

Ways to Boost Might

The first step to boosting might is to build your base properly with 5 builders as discussed here. Now for some tricks...

Last Comment

To put things in perspective, if I didn't have my army of might heroes, which includes tons of Paladins (used to be a free monthly reward), I would likely have 30K-40K less might. All that extra might has given me an incredible amount of extra honor badges and gems, which has allowed me to compete with p2p players even though I'm f2p.