Castle Clash Tips to Become Powerful

The goal of this guide is to put you on the fast track to success by suggesting important goals for you to achieve. I believe a lot of players strive to become powerful, but don't know what's truly important, so they spend months, possibly years, pursuing goals that only provide incremental gains. For example, doing 3 quest boards per day shows dedication, but frankly, the benefit is at most incremental.

The Single Most Important Long Term Goal

Before I lay out all of my suggested goals, I want to make it clear that 3-flaming insane dungeon 4-10 is mathematically the most significant goal of all if you want to have any hope of becoming powerful in this game. As you undoubtedly know, the sensation of feeling powerful in this game is a moving target because every player in the game is trying to become more powerful as well. Here's a simple mathematical fact: Every player that has 3-flamed insane 4-10 or higher is earning enormously more experience per day compared to every player that has not yet 3-flamed insane 4-10. Let me lay out some math to make my case:

In comparison, you get maybe one tenth that experience when you sweep expert dungeons.

This leads to one very simple mathematical conclusion

If you have not yet 3-flamed insane 4-10, then even if you played Castle Clash like crazy, perhaps 3 hours per day, chances are, your rate of progress will be slower than that of the player that spends 5 minutes per day doing just HBM sweeps and insane dungeon 4-10 (or better) sweeps.

So if you haven't yet 3-flamed insane dungeon 4-10, I hope I got your attention! I know insane dungeons are hard, but you absolutely must obsess about them.

You are not on the fast track until yuou can sweep at least insane dungeon 4-10

The Second Most Important Long Term Goal

The other major source of experience and shards is HBM. If you've been playing this game for more than 2 years and are not yet sweeping at least HBM R, then you are missing out. The rewards for HBM T and beyond are great and worth the effort. You don't have to be overpowered to do well in HBM. What you do need is a good base design and understanding. Go here for some HBM advice. I didn't update my guide for AA and beyond (and newer heroes), but you may still find it quite helpful.

My Suggested Goals for Players at any Level

If you don't know what's important, you no longer have an excuse. If you follow my suggested list of goals seriously, I have no doubt that you will be successful in this game, even if you are f2p (like me).

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