Castle Clash Wretched Gorge Designs

For me personally, the exciting aspect of Wretched Gorge is the challenge to coordinate a defense among 4 players to achieve a result that would not be possible if we all used our own bases. There's a ton I could say, but I will try to be concise (although admittedly, not brief)

Current Concept

When everybody works together, your team base should look like this:

Notice how the pds are next to each other and are likely to help each other out when the final demon comes. When all 4 players are strong, this base design beats WG3 almost all of the time, and even if we are a bit weaker (1 or 2 players without evolved heroes), we still beat it a good 75% of the time (at least when I'm playing). If you want to rock WG3 in our guild (WARGODSOFCLASH), please use this design. In case you care, my base is the one on the top right in the picture. I was experimenting with Druid at that time (to help in emergencies in public rooms), but I have since switched to DD.

Required Layouts

These bases are mirrors of each other. You must have both layouts available in order to use this design. My primary goal is to overcome the "bad angle" problem, where the final demon spawns at a bad diagonal angle, isolating a single team, limiting you to one pd. I will explain how this minimizes exactly that danger at the end of this section.
Magic towers are permitted, so do not freak out that you see arrow towers in the design. However, I will explain why I believe arrow towers are superior at the end of this section.

Hero Placement

Conceptually, you want flying heroes along the towers to prevent jumping over the walls. So minimally, that's 2 flying heroes. The pd and Cupid/Valentina placements are fixed, but the other 4 slots are flexible. Consider adding Siren or Lady Leo if you have a good one! This is totally optional, but Siren or Leo can cause all of the towers to do more damage to the final demon. If you have a good one, place that hero where you see my Aries.

Features of the Design

This design is very compatible with public rooms. It should not be a compromise for you to use these layouts by default. I dare say it will improve your chance of victory, even in a public room.

The heroes along the towers are intended to be flying heroes. If they are all flying heroes, then nobody will jump over the walls. Enemies that approach the walls will mostly be forced to walk all the way around the walls. Those heroes are almost guaranteed to get dominated by you and your neighbor. Just watch the design in action and you will notice the mobs hopelessly trying to walk around the walls to get to your towers. It is beautiful to watch this in action. This is classic HBM design, and I love it.

Some ranged enemies (mainly Druid) are capable of attacking our towers because they are only 3 squares in. That's ok. It won't be a majority of the enemy attackers that do this, so you should be able to kill the enemies before they kill our towers. This somewhat overcomes a weakness in my original wg concept because if you are still fighting when another pack spawns in your quadrant, there is a good chance that the new pack will target a tower instead of one of your heroes due to the fact that none of your heroes are standing beyond your walls.

Now suppose everybody has high level arrow towers with a good green, blue, and purple. That's 8 arrow towers that might be standing when the final demon arrives. Arrow towers attack exactly once per second, and due to the green garrison, the final demon will be in range regardless of where he spawns. At level 15 with a level 6 purple garrison, each arrow tower will do more than 10000 damage per second. At level 30, it is possible to achieve 60,000 damage per second (In comparison, a level 30 magic tower does negligible damage to the final demon, and most magic towers won't be in range to even attack the final demon). Consider the bad angle problem when there is only one pd active and that pd can't maintain the 200ms breakpoint. In this case, your heroes are not constantly doing 60k damage per hit. In fact, they are likely doing only 10-30k per hit and they are likely hitting around the 400-600ms speed. The higher the arrow tower level, the more likely that the arrow towers will provide just enough boost to beat the demon. If we level our towers high enough, I believe nearly 100% victory rates in WG3 will be possible, and we'll set our sights on WG4.

How this protects against the bad angle problem

One beautiful aspect of this design is the fact that there are only two entrances and you do your fighting near the entrance, not at the outer limits of your base. Typically, the final demon spawns while you are fighting enemies at one of the entrances. If the final demon spawns at a bad angle, there is a decent chance that you won't engage him early because you are already fighting another pack at an entrance. This gives the demon time to enter the base without being engaged, which is exactly what you want. Once you are done with the previous pack, the demon is in range for at least 2 pds to attack it. And if you have 2 pds, you win every time.


You might be tempted to place walls at the entrance to form a zig zag pattern. This would slow down the enemies a bit, but would make the design incompatible with public rooms. For now, we'll omit the zig zag optimization.


I have no particular weaknesses to report at this time. So far, it is way better than my original concept, and I thought my original concept was pretty decent.


As I said earlier, this design probably works just fine with magic towers.

If you are being carried (because you don't own a pd or really are not that strong), take away one column of bases, leaving you with only 3 bases. Move the towers inward, but leave the walls alone otherwise. Having only 3 heroes makes you weaker, but it also makes you not a liability.

Tower Levels

This design noticeably matures with arrow towers around level 14-15. At lower levels, your arrow towers are likely to be killed by druid packs. You can get away with lower level magic towers due to the stuns, so even a level 12-13 magic tower might produce decent results in terms of keeping your towers alive. As long as your towers survive, the design works as intended, with enemy mobs focused on your towers instead of your heroes.

How to Beat the Demon Solo

9/10 celebrate with level 5 blitz scroll and level 2 berserk enables pd to beat the final demon solo by getting everybody to the fastest breakpoints. Not everybody is going to have this setup, but it works...most of the time. If the demon keeps stunning pd despite the blitz scroll, it fails. I imagine death knight might help prevent the stun from happening.

Valentina with pd virtually guarantees that you'll beat the demon solo, and Cupid with pd usually works too.

Other helpful things include Eye of Garuda and Aries to reduce the frequency of the demon's stun attack.


Our success rates in WG3 with this design are really good, even when one player doesn't have pd. When our towers are strong enough, I want to try this out on WG4. It actually might be the case that magic towers are preferred for WG4, but I don't actually know if that's true.

Original Concept

This is our older base design. If all players are strong, this beats WG3 about 75% of the time. If at least one player is not so strong, the odds of winning drop significantly. I have no doubt that this beats WG2 easily.

Before we implemented this design, we were failing more than 50% of the time, even with all strong players. That being said, this design is not as good as the newer design, so I'm leaving it here for historical purposes.

Hero Placement

Features of the Design

When an enemy pack spawns, usually it targets one of our towers, ignoring our entire army, including Cupid. As long as your tower doesn't die, you can destroy the pack without loss. The outermost walls keep the towers 4 squares in, which prevents all non-flying heroes from shooting your towers over those walls.

The most unusual feature is the lack of 6 hero bases. The style here is "quality over quantity". No matter how the enemy spawns, your best heroes will always be participating.


If your tower dies, your heroes will be targeted. Similarly, if another pack spawns in your quadrant while you are still fighting, they will target your outside heroes, which likely means Cupid is going to die. Cupid dying is OK. In fact, Cupid is optional.

Biggest Weakness of the Design

Unfortunately, it is still possible for the final demon to come at a bad angle such that you are marooned with just one pd. I think the probability of the bad angle is around 50%. I really hoped to have a lower bad angle percentage, but in practice, it seems to happen more often than I anticipated.
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